Songs discoveries

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a little bit nervous, because you know although I have think about this I don’t really know where to start. So I think music is always a good beginning.

First of all I am gonna tell what kind of music and rithms I like. Like any (or some) twenty something it started with pop. There was pop everywhere. But then a friend of mine started to recommend me heavy metal bands, and then grunge, pop punk, so I started to investigate and, with help of this friend, discover indie, and now I could say i am digging a little bit of folk too.

So in this specific post I am gonna name some songs I have found in the past few days or that I have rescue from my spotify lists. You can expect some indie, folk pop and indie rock. Enjoy!

  1. Fickle friends –Swim
  2. Declan Mckenna –The kids don’t wanna come home
  3. Daryl Hall & John Oates –You make my dreams
  4.  Plain white T’s –Hey there Delilah
  5.  Wet wet wet –Love is all around
  6. Empires –Hello lover
  7. Neon Trees –Everybody talks
  8. American Authors –Pride
  9. Family and friends –Amadeus
  10. Joseph –White flag
  11. Covey –Bows

Thank you so much for reading and starting this adventure with me.



Autor: relaxandcreateblog

Hi! I am Marina, a twenty something who loves everything creative and simple things, like a walk on the beach, an ice-cream in the summer and sleeping listening to music.


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