Sweaters for Fall 2018

Hello lovelies , how are you today? Me, at home in a comfy sweater since it doesn’t stop raining, and it’s starting to get really dark. Like, no light at 6 P.M dark. But weell, althoght this thing aren’t the best, one thing I love about autumn is getting creative with layering clothes and getting a copule sweaters to feel comfy and warm are mandatory for me. Sohere I bring you some of my favorites. Tell me which one you like more in the comments! And if you know a store with sweaters you love, let me know. Kisses.


Hola chicos, como llevas el día? Yo en casa con un jersey suavecito ya que no ha parado de llover en todo el día, y cada vez oscurece antes. Pero bueno, aunque esto no es lo mejor, algo que me encanta del otoño es ponerse creativa combinando prenda, y comprar un par de jerseys originales y calentitos para mi es esencial. Así que aquí tenis mis favoritos. Y si vosotros tenéis alguno fichado, me encantaría saberlo! Besos.

Stripes jumper


Model front image of Monki sweater turtleneck  in greenGreen turtleneck from Monki


Green cropped sweater from Monki


Model front image of Monki knit sweater in blueBaby blue sweater


Pull&Bear color block sweater


Blue stripes sweater


Jaquard sweater

Warm tones jumper

Skam France: my thoughts

A week ago or so, suddenly a youtube video recommendation bump into me, Skam France episode 1, it said. Imagine my surprise, I was in the subway and was gonna loose the internet connection soon, but as soon as I got home I made some research.

I knew that it was gonna be an american remake of Skam, that for those of you that don’t know, it’s an amazing Norwegian tv show. Bu what I didn’t know was that remakes will also be make in five european countries. And that the french one had already started.

Okay, so let’s start.

First of all, the show (for know), follows exactly¡y the same story as the original , same dialogs, same scenes, same plot in general. Although I have read that in the third or fourth episode the plot starts to develop different, so let’s cross our fingers. Also they have changed the characters names and added more diversity. Okay, so now is where the spoilers start.


The crush Lucas (Isak) has, is way more obvious. Maybe it’s just me that already know how it goes, But I don’t know, I mean, it’s like really obvious.

From the girls crew, the one that for now, has convinced me the less, is Alex (girl Chris), I really loved her character in the original and this one… it’s not the same.

For the rest of the gang, their personalities seem pretty accurate to me. Here I left you some gifts of the main characters.



Hope you liked it! Had you heard about the remake? Have you seen it? If so, who is your Favorite character? Tell me in the comments!


My favorite tv shows from 2017

One day at a time

A cuban american family living in los Angeles. Three generations of women, and a pre teenager boy teach us about  bad habits, racism, alcoholism, but also about homosexuality, family, friendship, origins, and being proud. This sitcom with a different touch is a must watch for those moments when you need to relax a little but don’t disconnect from the world completely. Based in the classic show Un día a la vez, this show had everything necessary to catch my eye. And probably yours too.

Pd: Season 2 just dropped in Netflix!!

Season 1 trailer

The bold type

Three women in her 20’s show us the life in New York, from friendship to love while working in one of the most popular fashion magazine in the city. The dream, right? Follow them along boss problems, boyfriend stories and happy friends moments. The show also deals with sexual assault, feminism and all things 2.0. Confirmed for two more seasons!

The bold type trailer


A 18 years old guy, Sam, in the autistic spectrum and how he, his family and friends deal with it. Although the show first idea is to find Sam a girlfriend, this series deal with with much more. The protective and possessive relationship his mother has his him, show his sister deals with everything and the acceptance of the father. Apart from other amazing side characters.It’s a lit bit more drama but has also comedy. Season 1 in Netflix!

Atypical trailer

Marvel’s runaways

A group of teenagers that used to be friends, unite again for a bigger cause, fighting their parents. I know this can seem a little bit unrealistic but it what gives the big mystery plot.I like to define it like marvel meets teen drama. It has superheroes and action but also friendship, relationships and funny moments. There is a lot of character diversity, from color of the skin to  sexual orientation and ideology differences. Season 1 on Hulu and HBO

Runaways trailer

]Hope you liked my small introduction to this four series. Do you know any of them? Would you start watching some? Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comment section! I would love to read 🙂

My favorite songs Summer 2017

Welcome everyone! Summer has come to it’s end, what means we have to get back to our routines,  to work, to study, but those great moments from summer are still gonna be with us. And for me, this is list is a way of remember the moment behind each song. Hope you like it and hopefully some songs will catch your eye.

Thanks for reading, Marina

  • Overwhelmed -Tim Morrison
  • Strip that down -Liam Payne
  • Bad Liar -Selena Gomez
  • I’m a rebel just for kicks -Dunez
  • Got me feeling’ like -Trevor Moran
  • Don’t mess with my girl -Jon McLaughlin
  • Superficial Love -Ruth B.
  • Netflix Trip -AJR
  • Making A Man -Ripple Green


Art by John Loren, from AJR new album cover.

Songs discoveries

Hi! Welcome to my blog. I am a little bit nervous, because you know although I have think about this I don’t really know where to start. So I think music is always a good beginning.

First of all I am gonna tell what kind of music and rithms I like. Like any (or some) twenty something it started with pop. There was pop everywhere. But then a friend of mine started to recommend me heavy metal bands, and then grunge, pop punk, so I started to investigate and, with help of this friend, discover indie, and now I could say i am digging a little bit of folk too.

So in this specific post I am gonna name some songs I have found in the past few days or that I have rescue from my spotify lists. You can expect some indie, folk pop and indie rock. Enjoy!

  1. Fickle friends –Swim
  2. Declan Mckenna –The kids don’t wanna come home
  3. Daryl Hall & John Oates –You make my dreams
  4.  Plain white T’s –Hey there Delilah
  5.  Wet wet wet –Love is all around
  6. Empires –Hello lover
  7. Neon Trees –Everybody talks
  8. American Authors –Pride
  9. Family and friends –Amadeus
  10. Joseph –White flag
  11. Covey –Bows

Thank you so much for reading and starting this adventure with me.